CETA Affiliated

OPIA is a firm affiliated to the Controlled Environment Testing Association CETA of the USA.

CETA, the Controlled Environment Testing Association, is devoted to promoting and developing quality assurance within the controlled environment testing industry.

CETAs goals are the following:


CETA has publications related to Cleanroom Certification of Sterile Compounding, Engineering Control Requirements for Non-Hazardous and Hazardous drugs manufacturing as well as NSF- 49 summary of changes.

CETA has application guidelines related to Compounding Isolators in Healthcare industry, Sterile Compounding Facilities, Decontaminants in Biosafety Cabinets, Hazardous Drug Compounding Primary Engineering Controls, HEPA filters, Exhaust systems for Biosafety Cabinets and NSF/ANSI 49 Standard requirements.