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Q1 -2007

OPIA was founded as a specialized engineering services provider.

Q2 -2009

OPIA achieves the NEBB TAB Certification.

Q4 -2009

OPIA performs its first international job out of Costa Rica.

Q2 -2010

OPIA achieves the NEBB CPT Certification.

Q3 -2011

OPIA launches services in Fume Hoods, Compressed Air and Biosafety Cabinets.

Q1 -2014

OPIA surpasses 10 employees number and moves to 2nd building.

Q2 -2018

OPIA surpasses 20 employees, 10th country international job and moved to 3rd building (new).

Q4 -2020

OPIA consolidates Validation Engineering services and offers them to the market.

Q1 -2021

OPIA surpasses 30 employees and achieves the NEBB Cx Certification.

Q2 -2022

OPIA achieves the ISO-9001:2015 certification.

Q3 -2022

OPIA surpasses 50 employees and 15th country international job

Q4 -2023

Luis Chinchilla Takes the Reigns as the 2024 NEBB President

Q2 -2024

Implementation of the first Artificial Intelligence processes

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