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Our services

BSC- Biological Safety Cabinets Testing

Biological Safety Cabinets Testing Class I, Class II A and Class II B

The Special Equipment Testing Department from OPIA offers the complete range of testing required as per the high industries standards in order to successfully perform testing.

We carry out performance qualification services for biosafety cabinets in their different configurations. This equipment is used to protect laboratory personnel, materials, and the environment from biological components. Our tests comply with NEBB standards, observing NSF/ANSI 49.

Performance Tests

Inflow air velocity test

Downflow velocity test

HEPA/ULPA Filter Leak Test

Airflow Smoke Pattern Tests

Site Installation Assesment Tests

Noise Level, Lighthing and Non viable tests

Standards and References

NEBB Procedural Standards


IEST RP CC002 Standard

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