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CPT – Cleanroom Performance Testing


The Cleanroom Services division from OPIA offers the complete range of testing required as per the high industries standards in order to successfully certify a cleanroom and/or controlled environment room in any of the established occupancy states (As Built, At Rest, Operational).

The Cleanroom Performance Testing (CPT) is the engineering discipline that involves document preparation, testing, analysis, and preparation of appropriate reports to ensure the performance of cleanroom systems. We regularly test at recommended intervals to ensure continued compliance. Our tests comply with the NEBB, ISO 14644 standards and the recommended practices indicated by IEST.

Performance Tests

Supply Airflow and Air Changes Rate Testing

Room Pressurization Test

HEPA/ULPA Filter Leak Test

Non-viable particle testing

Temperature and Humidity Test

Lighting and Sound Level Test

Recovery Tests

Airflow Visualization Tests

Standards and References for these tests

NEBB Procedural Standard for Certified Testing of Cleanrooms

ISO 14644 Standards Series

EC GMP Annex 1


CETA Certification Guide

53 Report WHO

32 Report WHO

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